Leather Conditioner

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Leather Conditioner is a substance made to nourish natural fibers in leather, and also give back natural oils to keep the leather flexible and strong.
How to use Leather Conditioner
  1. Apply to a clean, lint-free cloth
  2. Rub in a circular motion over the entire surface
  3. Gently buff with a soft, dry cloth
  4. Allow up to one hour to dry
How often should I use Leather Conditioner?
This really depends on your climate. If you live in an arid climate – or if your leather is often in the sun and heat – you’ll want to condition it every couple of months. If your climate is more humid, every six months to a year will suffice.



Nourishing Oils, Butters, Beeswax, Propolis
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
GMO Free